Artists’ Talks : Thursday 29 March, 6.30pm

You are invited to join us for
Artists’ Talks


Samuel Levack and Jennifer Lewandowski

Clifford Sage and James Stringer

Thursday 29 March, 6.30pm
As Part of the exhibition
Of this Event, I cannot foresee the end.
– video art and site-specific installation
2nd March – 1st April 2012, Thu-Fri 5-9pm, Sat-Sun 12-5pm
Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery
Stour Road | Fish Island | Hackney Wick | E3 2NT London

The exhibition Of this Event, I cannot foresee the end. brings together artists who work with performance, staged experiments and site-specific installation that allow for an open end as well as chance and failure to play part. The artists appropriate approaches from scientists in order to gain insights, accumulate data or choose their observational vantage point. The featured works share the element of suspense, surprise and humour. By defining a framework wherein a staged event or observed action can take place, the artists test the boundaries of our earthly existence, everyday life, patterns of social behaviour and virtual reality.

The artist duo Samuel Levack and Jennifer Lewandowski will discuss their video works Normal Love – End of Love and Triptych in relation to their practice of staging participatory events.

The artists Clifford Sage and James Stringer will discuss their project conCERN – a work in progress inspired by the activities at cern, Geneva. For the show Of this Event, I cannot foresee the end. Sage/Stringer created a platform where a participant witnesses and is part of the effects of different forces associated with what we currently except as the building blocks of reality.


Samuel Levack and Jennifer Lewandowski (UK, London-based)

Samuel Levack and Jennifer Lewandowski have been working together since 1999. Their multi-disciplinary practice encompasses moving image, installation, performance, experimental music and photography. Their work has been shown in Berlin, Paris, Brussels and London. Since 2007, they have curated and created a number of sculptural interventions at Port Eliot Festival in Cornwall as well as presenting their One Minute Disco (2007–2011), danced on the hour, every hour, at the festival. They were shortlisted for the Converse/Dazed 2011 Emerging Artist Award with The Whitechapel Gallery. In 2012 they will participate at the group show E-Vapor-8 at 319 Scholes, New York and collaborate with Hannah Perry, for an exhibition at Rod Barton Gallery, London. Their debut solo exhibition Danse-moi vers la fin de l’amour will open at French Riviera, London in April 2012.

Clifford Sage (UK, London-based)

Clifford Sage studied at the Royal College of Art in Communication Art & Design (2008/10), specializing in 3D Computer design in the field of motion image. His special interest is the use of computer game engines and how these applications become increasingly accessible and powerful in our communication through digital interfaces. As a self taught 3-D artist working in the field of motion image Sage realised the amount of creative freedom computer technology offers by its diversity, allowing us to communicate and present information in multiple ways. Sage is currently particularly interested in how the technology we use is based on knowledge of the reality that seems without an apparent sense and is constantly evolving.  Sage has been making music and soundscapes over the last decade under the alias recsund and is part of two band duos Communicvoid and Deece. A lot of his visual work is in response to his musical endeavours. Sage says: “Creating sound is another way of communicating, sharing opinions and expressions. It’s kind of like a subconscious diary.”

James Stringer (UK, London-Based)

James Stringer studied Fine Art at St Martins (2004/06), where he became interested in digital media and began experimenting with video, interactivity and web based animation software. On graduation he became involved in the London experimental music scene collaborating with various industrial, noise and techno musicians and performance artists. James currently DJ’s and produces music as Brood Ma and has recently launched ‘Quantum Natives’, an audio visual clubbing experience he says is best described as “Hard dancing in Atemporality.” James has exhibited internationally and performs regularly in venues across London.

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