Trickster: The Imaginary Mind, 4th November 2011, Sat – Sun 12 – 5pm , Thu – Fri 5 – 9pm , by appointment.

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4th – 27th November 2011

FSG is pleased to present the exhibition Trickster: the imaginary mind.  Trickster is an archaic myth, and so few and been as widely distributed.  It is a myth that is assured in pre-civilization as the most ancient of human expression and has persisted to remain inherently in society, mostly unchanged.  It is found amongst the simplest aboriginal tribes and the most complex of western civilizations.  We encounter it amongst the Ancient Greeks, the Japanese and the Semitic world.  Many Trickster traits were perpetuated in the figure of the Medieval jester, and have survived right up to today in the many guises of the clown and comic.  Although mixed often with other myths the plot of the Trickster is always succeeding in reasserting itself.

This unusual attraction to mankind has its beginnings at the very earliest and archaic forms of human civilization.  It is the destroyer and creator, giver and negator, who dupes others and always is duped himself.  He wills nothing consciously, behaving always as he does, by impulses he has no control over.  He is neither good nor evil yet is responsible for both.  He posses no values or moral, social code and is at the mercy of his appetites, yet through his actions all valuable things become into being.

Trickster is a creature that possesses no fixed form, a figure that foreshadows a man of undetermined proportions.  In versions of this myth, he possesses intestines that rap around his entire body, and possesses an equally long penis that he can send across lakes to impregnate whole tribes.

Laughter, humour and irony permeate everything Trickster does.  His awe inspiring traits result in laughter, laughter at the implications of his behaviour and the tricks he plays on others.

He is the workings of mythopoeic imagination, common to all mankind.  The tales give us a picture of a world and himself, depicting human’s struggle with himself and with a world into which he has been thrust into without volition or consent.  Consciously and unconsciously Trickster struggles with his image and his perception of the earth.

Trickster’s inner psychic experiences represent an older level of consciousness, and through his orgies of destruction is accredited for the creation of culture, carnivals, sacred magic, gods, witches, werewolves, poltergeists, among others, being also referred to as daemonic and a spirit of hell.

Artists: Laura Clarke/ Erik Bendix/ Andrea Greenwood/ Arina Orlova/ Olenna Mokliak/ Elizabeth Vicary/ Patricia Delgado/ Kristen Lovelock/ Chris Land/ Aleteia Daneluz/ Katie Brookes/ Ulrika Bygge/ Gyeong Yoon An.  Curated by David Marchant

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