BIO-OBJECT: vehicle of artistic activities 8th October / 18.00 – 22.00

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BIO-OBJECT: vehicle of artistic activities

8th October / 18.00 – 22.00

Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery

Stour Road

Hackney Wick

E3 2NT London

“Bio-Object”, made by a well-known Polish artist Robert Kusmirowski is a specially designed performance venue where visitors will be invited to see several shows performed by young Polish artists. The project is an interdisciplinary collage of architecture, visual arts, performance, multimedia and theatre.

The programme comprises of an audiovisual show by a Korbus/Polynko duo, a Butoh theatre by The Maat Theatre, a show of The Lublin Dance Theatre as well as a  performance by Dominik Zlotkowski.

 Artistic programme:

6 – 7pm          Audiovisual show and concert performed by Korbus and Polynko

7 – 7.30pm     ‛ORLANDO.1’, The Maat Theatre show choreographed and directed by

Tomasz Bazan

7.30 – 8pm      „Closer”, The Lublin Dance Theatre show directed and realised by Wojciech


8 – 8.30pm     Performance ‛Trespassing’ by Dominik Zlotkowski

9pm             Meeting with the artists

Korbus / Polynko

Korbus / Połynko is a silmuntaneous encounter of image and sound.

It firstly emerged in the shape of audiovisual, improvised concerts and has now evolved into a live recorded film.

‛Transformed sounds, words and video images accumulate themselves in a set of notions by creating audiovisual poetry. Various noises, fusions, confusions. Images of dream and images of awakening. How are you? I do not know. The postmodern and syncretic world. The poetry regarding the separation of the soul from the body, the mind from the feelings, the sacral dimension from the profane dimension. From a human for a human, live. Images, words, music.’

‛One of these works of art that opens a space to questions and inquiries of the onlooker by using the ambigious image and sound.’

(Michał Jerz)

‛What has proposed the duo Korbus / Połynko, this can be called poetry as a matter of fact, though this is increased poetry. A word is multiplied by an image and a sound. Sentences entangle themselves and escape, it is difficult to grasp them. Their understanding requires concentration.’

(Katarzyna Piwońska)



 The show ‛ORLANDO.1’

Therefore, Orlando was sitting and reading – a naked man’

choreographed and directed by Tomasz Bazan

‛A situation of transition, a moment when the air vibrates after transition. Metamorphosis occurs in the most unexpected moment without significant signs and references, this takes place now and here, it is difficult to seize this moment. Waiting means to remain on the verge. He never really abandons this verge. AT THIS MOMENT. Orlando has become a woman.’

The project ‛ORLANDO’ is inspired by the novel ORLANDO by Virgina Woolf, Homer’s Odyssey and The Painted Bird by Jerzy Kosiński. Project envisages stage co-operation between the actor Jacek Poniedziałek and the dancer and choreographer Tomasz Bazan in order to seek new means of expression in a synthesis of drama theatre, physical theatre and dance theatre.

Maat Theatre

The show ‛Closer’ by Wojciech Kapron

An appearance of The Lublin Dance Theatre’s soloist. A visual action that is founded to a large extent on physical aspects as well as on artistry of contemporary dance. The show is not based on any plot, in which great emphasis lays on aesthetics and body’s work.

Artist about the show:

‛I have got lost, my little brother. I love you, I hate you, my little brother. Standing on the edge of a precipice, I imagine myself I, the destiny I, the loneliness I, paralysed by demagogy I, lost in time and space I, overwhelmed by a boulder of hatred and terror I, tore from the bosom of innocence I, seeking alleviation I, fall down.’


Lublin Dance Theatre

Art performance ‛Trespassing’ by Dominik Zlotkowski

The performance will take another form every time. Its shape will depend on the city, in which this will be carried out. The artist will refer with the help of props to the history or the social specificity of a particular venue. Therefore, the action cannot be repeated and is founded to a large extent on improvisation.

Artist about the show:

‛Although we dwell in a global village, where many situations, people and information are immediately accessible in English as a contemporary meta-language, where one of the major, modern paradigms is knowledge and the world aims at unification, we strive for unique personal accents; either our culture, conventions or even religion. Unfortunately, this “convention of diversity” carries some threats: contemporary Tower of Babel can easily become a destructive force due to a cultural dissention, social disagreements or even wars of religions. All the sublime wishes, great ideas may become clichés and bring destruction upon us.’

Dominik Zlotkowski

The European Tour of The Bio-Object is a Part of the International Cultural Programme of the Polish EU Presidency 2011.

“Bio-Object” in London is the last stop on the European Tour of the Bio-Object.

Minsk – 25th September

Berlin – 28th September

Paris – 30th September

Madrid – 2nd October

Brussels – 6th October

London – 8th October

Curated by the Center for Culture in Lublin in collaboration with Deconstruction Project

Centre for Culture in Lublin

Deconstruction Project

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