I Am Braziliality. 29th July – 30th August 2011

Press Release

12th July 2011

I am Braziliality is an Exhibition at Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery

& Art Festival part of Hackney Wicked 2011

Admission Free

Inspired by the arts of and from the streets, Braziliality and Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery present this major exhibition featuring the work of over forty international artists showcasing visual arts including graffiti art, illustration, painting, photography, video art & documentary, installations, live performances and music. The show will explore critical aspects and aggregated meanings of the Brazilian cultural roots of artists living around the world. The exhibition opens on the 29th July with a first weekend full of activities, participating in Hackney Wicked Art Festival. The event is created, curated and produced by Braziliality formed by Alicia Bastos, Bianca Turner and Pier Tosta in partnership with Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery. The Forman’s Restaurant will be collaborating to create an original Brazilian menu. The Brazilian Embassy in London and ABC Trust and Abelha Cachaca are also partners of ‘I am Braziliality’. Watch the promo video here: http://bit.ly/IamBraziliality


29th July Friday 6-11pm

6-9pm: Exhibition private view with Dj’s & live dance performance collaboration between choreographers Irineu Nogueira, Everaldo Pereira, Rafaela Cappai Typical Brazilian food & Drinks menu with Caipirinhas made with Abelha Cachaca 9-11pm: Forman’s Bar Djs Larissa & Cae Traven & Vj Duodrome

30th July Saturday 2-7pm

Exhibition open to the public Live collaboration graffiti art Brazil vs England graffiti battle organized by Secret Wars Djs throughout the whole day & Natema Band Typical Brazilian food & Drinks menu

31th July Sunday 2-5pm

Exhibition open to the public Panel discussion about Brazilian art international influence and art of and from the streets Live performance and intervention of ‘Introducing new species’ Typical Brazilian food & Drinks menu


Visual artists

Milo Tchais * Narcelio Grud * Karjn Janssen * Pedro Vicente * Gabriel Silva * Marina Fae

Claudio Luiz Lima * Lucas Faria * Ben Neuman * Edgar de Camargo * Azul Serra * Athos de Oliveira * Daniella Baptista * Bruno Figueiredo * Rafaela Miranda Rocha * ABC Trust archive * Introducing new species (Milo Tchais,Bianca Turner & Raphael Franco)

Moving image

Jared Levy Documentary Graffiti Fine Art London premiere Exquisite Corpse Project – 3 volumes (Coordinator Kika Nicolela) Festival Visual Brasil – Barcelona Gabriela Dworecki aka Duodrome Vj

Music & Dance

Natema Band Thiago Duar Dj Nuno Deconto Dj Alquimix Dj Larissa *D-Vyzor * Dj Jerome Hill * Dj Limao * Dj Cae Traven * Dj Dalpra Irineu Nogueira – Choreographer Everaldo Pereira – Choreographer Rafaella Cappai – iDance

About Braziliality

Braziliality is a not-for-profit cross-cultural project, showcasing artwork by Brazilian artists and international artists inspired by Brazil, creating a 360-degree perspective of the influence of contemporary Brazilian art and culture around the globe. Our mission is to support new art, particularly art with technology, and new talent inspired by Brazil.

Braziliality started in July 2008 and with almost three years, we have presented the work of 147 artists from 24 countries had had their work showcased in 28 exhibitions that attracted over 1,595 people to private viewings. More than 8,160 people have seen the Braziliality exhibitions. In these three years, Braziliality will have worked in partnership with The Brazilian Embassy in London, Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery, Made in Brasil Bar, Jungle Drums Magazine, Leros Magazine, Record Television, Canal Londres, Latin America Bureau, ABC Trust, Visual Brasil Festival in Barcelona, Deslocamentos in Berlin, Fourth Plinth Pedal Power project, Planarama, Abelha Cachaca and Favela Chic and we hope to be working with many more interesting people, business and organizations in the future.

Braziliality is opening a new membership scheme for artists, offering tailored consultancy for their international careers, informing them about jobs and bringing them news of relevant art events. Braziliality produces art shows, networking events, exhibitions and festivals working together with Brazilian organizations and events in Europe.

The project was created by Alicia Bastos and now partnering with Bianca Turner as a production specialist and it benefits from the curatorial knowledge of Pier Tosta.

Partners & Sponsors

Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery

Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery is an art project space overlooking the London 2012 Olympic Park, and was founded to provide artists with a high profile platform from which to introduce their work to new audiences. With spectacular exhibition space measuring more than 600 square meters and with an unrivalled view of the new Olympic stadium, the gallery is situated on the top floor of Britain’s oldest salmon smokers, H Forman & Son, which was forced to relocate to its new premises by the Olympic development.

Each month, invited curators will handpick artists from the local, national and international art community to create a dynamic and varied program of exhibitions. Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery was founded by William Chamberlain and Lance Forman and is a non for profit unincorporated social enterprise in association with H Forman’s and Son.

Tower Hamlets Council

Tower Hamlets is supporting the workshops series working with social centers in the borough. The workshops for young people will include dance and Capoeira, and for older adults the experience to have a lecture with the curator on contemporary art and have a guided visit of I am Braziliality.

Cachaca Abelha Secret Wars – Monorex * ABC Trust * Festivai Visual Brasil * Udigrudi * Branding Latin America * Espaconave * The Brazilian Embassy in London


Exhibition & Art Festival I am Braziliality

Exhibition Dates: Festival dates: Location:

29th July – 30th August 2011 29th – 31st July 2011 as part of Hackney Wicked Art Festival

Formans’ Smokehouse Gallery – Stour Road – Fish Island – Hackney Wick – E3 2NT London

29th July 18.00 – 23.00 * 30th July 14.00 – 19.00 * 31st July 14.00 – 17.00

Opening hours: After these dates: Thursday & Friday 17.00 – 21.00 and Saturday & Sunday 12.00 – 17.00

Admission:  Free

Curated by Supported by : Formans’ Smokehouse Gallery.  The Brazilian Embassy in London.  Cachaca Abelha

Catalogue:  A fully illustrated catalogue will be available to download from the Braziliality website and from the exhibition through scan.

How to get there:  Hackney Wick Overground or Pudding Mill DLR Buses: 8 26 30 236 276 388 488



For further information, artists’ CV’s and images, please contact Braziliality Head Office, London Call +44 (0) 78 55 47 0310 Email: ab@braziliality.org http://www.braziliality.org

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