Press Release for July 2010 

The PSYCHEDELIC CARAVAN comes to Fish Island and sets up camp in FORMAN’S SMOKEHOUSE GALLERY, stepping down from it two modern gypsies from opposite ends of the globe.

Marty Thornton and Bernard Rangel are refreshingly distinct unique auto didactic artists that in their own right are bigger than life characters. They have emerged from the school of hard knocks and both were born in the 50’s. Their art embraces colour and form giving life and flavour and uncannily showing that harmony independent of cultural influences does exist. Marty Thornton was born in the East End of Romany gypsy roots and Bernard Rangel in Aden of Portuguese-Indian ones, both artists have art flowing in their veins.

The Smokehouse Gallery is a 6000 sq ft art project space that opened this year. It overlooks the new Olympic stadium in London’s Hackney Wick. ‘Psychedelic Caravan’ is a collection of their works curated by them bringing together moods that individually reflect the external influences that play on their day to day lives. Like many artists they live to paint and interact with a series of people that influence their day to day activities. Despite their differences in up-bringing, education, culture, contemporaries and influences there is cement in their joint show that proves there is either a mysterious energy to the gypsy or a collective unconscious that permeates the globe in art.

Marty’s work is commercial, pop-oriented and driven by stardom status. He walks amongst London’s celebrities with comfort and grace who sponsor him by collecting what he produces. His works can be found in galleries in London and New York, at the Boot Fair and more recently his Elephant stands guard at Parliament Square keeping a watchful eye on the ‘new pretty boys on the block’.Marty has lived around London but has now returned to the East End living in Stratford. He says that he likes the other regions of the best city in the world but the East End is where life is best appreciated and more intense.

Bernard’s work is introspective, shamanic, spiritual driven and has derived from years of experimentation with different paints. To him each medium has its own technical realities lending an imagery which is challenging, creative, cellular and exotic. The fusion of colour is intoxicating, psychedelic and seductive allowing you to venture into the perspective depths of your own imagination. After living in Brazil for 24 years Bernard returned to live in London and Fish Island is where he lives. He has exhibited in Italy, Germany, Ireland, Brazil, India, USA, and UK and has also held art workshops for children in India and Brazil.

Private view: 1st July 6-9pm, drinks, and smoked salmon for all.

Exhibition dates: 2nd – 25th July,
Thu and Fri 5-9pm
Sat and Sun 12- 5pm

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