the new East End

More proud moments for Lance Forman, the man behind Smokehouse Gallery and not only. In an article at Evening Standard – Would you Adam and Eve it… welcome to the new East End (07.06.2010), we read:

Not that the wind of change has failed to reach this setting. A spanking new building, charcoal and pink, in the shape of a halved salmon is the highlight on the Fish Island side of the canal bank. Forman’s & Sons – famous for its “London cure” smoked salmon – was established in 1906 by the great-great grandfather of the current company head, Lance Forman. Always an East End establishment, Forman’s moved from Hackney to where the new stadium is now, the year before London won the bid. It was forced to move once more.

The new factory has a restaurant, and an art gallery that takes up the top floor. Lance Forman has recently bought the neighbouring warehouse: “I’d like to see this become like Camden Lock. Be good to have a buzz here with boutiquey restaurants, as an antidote to the high street aspect that you’ll get from Stratford City.”

The view from Forman’s offers another angle on the site. From here it’s possible to see how other buildings are taking shape – the huge media centre, Eton Manor where the Paralympic Games will be staged, the athletes village.

Forman’s is one of the few companies out of around 250 once in the area that has relocated nearby.

If you feel like reading the whole article, you can find it here:

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